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Guide to Affordable Insurance for Personal Trainers

Guide to Affordable Insurance for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers working within health and fitness roles can often come under scrutiny whether it is for training in the gym or even yoga instructing. No matter what kind of personal training you or your business does there is a risk that you may find yourself facing claims against you. There are a variety of reasons for claims and without trying to find yourself the cheapest yoga insurance or personal trainer insurance for your business you may find yourself facing major problems. This article is going to look at the potential problems that can be faced in this line of work and guide you to finding affordable insurance.

Business Side

If you are not a sole trainer working individually and find yourself running a business, there are several reasons why you should be looking to get affordable insurance. When running a business, you might have several members of staff to account for and insurance is needed not to just cover yourself but your employees. Many things can go wrong during sessions within your workforce whether facing an unfair dismissal or even a sexual harassment claim. Injury can happen to members of staff who perhaps might feel they have been asked to do too much and could pursue a claim. There are endless possibilities as to why a claim may be raised against your company and having personal training insurance is of vital importance.


For personal trainers and yoga instructors, a large need for insurance is for protecting yourself from anyone you train. Injury can come about from doing intense workouts with a trainer or from over stretching a muscle trying out a variety of difficult yoga poses. Although there is usually a healthy relationship between client and trainer, there can be a variety of reasons that could see them become unsettled with the service being provided and come after your business.

Finding Affordable Insurance

To ensure you are running a stable personal training business whether you are self-employed or running a conglomerate of trainers, you have lots of costs to consider. You should be making sure you get good value for your money on your insurance protecting you from further potential outgoings from any claim. Here are some key points to consider making sure you are choosing a good affordable provider:

  • Your insurance provider should be able to put forward a simple plan that doesn’t come with lots of hidden costs for whenever you need to use their services.
  • Your plan should be able to be tailored to suit your specific needs as a trainer or yoga instructor ensuring you are covered for all types of claim.
  • Quite obviously, the insurance price shouldn’t be astronomical and should be a reasonable price for your business.
  • You should have the option to pay monthly or yearly to give flexibility especially for newer businesses that don’t want to pay the lump sum whilst trying to start up.
  • A good support system should be in place so that you can get help as soon as you need it to help avoid dealing with stress any further with claims.

The key to finding a good support system is really to make sure you are finding something that works well for your company and comes at a good price. Making sure your business is covered against potential claims is extremely important and should definitely be done.

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